Healing: Chakra Stones

Recently I’ve started using stones for healing – this is a learning process and is sure to change as I go. My first attempt has been with chakra stones. Within our bodies are energy pools (chakras) that act upon both the physical and spiritual bodies. This system can be thrown out of balance for many reasons, but this is something able to be “corrected” for lack of a better word. Just as there are many ways our energy system can become unbalanced, there are just as many ways to bring that balance back. In this method, each stone corresponds to one of the seven chakras. The stones are placed on the body, where the chakras manifest.

The location of the chakras on the physical body

The stones and their energies help the energy in your system to flow and heal itself. I find this to be a very gentle form of healing as it allows the energy system to work in its own way and at its own pace. Now, the stones I use are in no way a definitive list – just stones that I have found to correlate to the chakras. Here’s a video where I show all the stones and give a little info about them:

Base chakra: Snowflake Obsidian
Sacral chakra: Carnelian
Solar plexus chakra: Yellow Opal
Heart chakra: Green Adventurine
Throat chakra: Sodalite
3rd eye chakra: Purple/Blue Flourite
Crown chakra: Amethyst

I’ll tell you how it works out as I continue to experiment with this form of healing.

~Take care and Blessed be

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