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Young Voices In Tarot โ€“ Angelo Nasios

Bringing you more on tarot – Yes indeed:

Young Voices In Tarot โ€“ Angelo Nasios

This is an interview by the Tarot Lady (Theresa Reed) with Angelo Nascios – a voice in the Tarot world who I greatly admire, and have talked about before. ย The real meat of this interview is the topic of young readers in Tarot, professionally speaking. Of course, I’m fascinated by this, as I am (more or less) a professional reader though I do offer other readings. We have a divination discussion group at my local New Age shop, and often I am the youngest one there – but have been reading longer then some of the others!

Do we question the abilities and potential of the Fool?

I love to see readers my age, or even younger. Actually, a young woman (maybe 14) signed up for my Rune Workshop – and I was so excited because everyone else was old enough to be my mother/father. They actually didn’t realize – even as I walked back and forth from the “big room” that we hold classes in – that I was the one leading the workshop until I invited them to come in and sit down. I often hear from people after readings that they didn’t expect me to “be so good” because of my age.

All too often we forget that in spiritual matters, the age of the body can be a very misleading factor. I’ve been told all my life that I have an “old soul” and perhaps that is a factor in my affinity for divination. Maybe it doesn’t matter at all – I don’t know. Either way, it’s important to keep an open mind and heart in these sorts of matters.

A Beautiful Sunday

This morning I attended a Dao ceremony, preformed by a temple from Chicago – they traveled all the way out here for us! The ritual was so beautiful and really the most amazing thing was the children present. The co-owners of the store (where the ceremony was held) brought their little ones to receive the Dao.

While I can’t really explain the ceremony in words, I would encourage you to look around your area to see what’s out there.

That was followed by a trip to the thrift store, where I found some neat shell necklaces. I’ve been getting more and more into the “tribal-fusion” style of belly dance, which often uses cowrie shells in costume. And now, I’m finalizing my orders for belly dance costume pieces – how exciting!

Rune Workshop!

So, today was the big day – my Rune workshop at my local New Age store! Everything went well, aside from the fact that my cold has left me with next to no voice. So we skipped the guided meditation, but instead talked and did a little interpreting.

As we painted each symbol, we discussed the meaning and a various interpretations. I think it made for a very powerful set of Runes. I can’t wait to really use them. It was pretty simple, I got some glass marbles (the flat-ish ones you use for decorating) and paint pens – it’s a very user friendly way to make a beginning set. ย I’ll have a picture soon.

I have to say I was nervous – mostly because I knew a few folks in the class were somewhat familiar with the Runes (we even had a Heathen with us today) and I was worried I’d be covering things they already knew. I think everyone came out the class having learned something new, even me.

All in all – a good time. I can’t wait to do it again!

What the Heck’s a Hafla?

I’ve been taking belly dancing classes for a few months on-and-off and this month all of a sudden we got our shit together! On February 12th we’re throwing a Hafla.

But what is a Hafla, you ask? I was wondering that too, so I went looking.

Basically, a Hafla is a party – generally involving Middle Eastern music. It can range from a private affair, where dancers dance for each other, or a big public event with vendors and scheduled performances and all sorts of stuff. Our plan is kinda of a Middle Eastern themed pot-luck, with a some scheduled dances followed by a free-dance time where the audience is welcome to join us dancers.

This is exciting…
This is terrifying!

People are going to be there to watch me dance, and I don’t know if I’m ready for that (or if they’re ready for that). I haven’t danced for an audience since preschool tap-dance class. The thing that’s getting me caught up – the thing that always gets me – is my body. Not that I don’t feel comfortable dancing in my body, but rather I don’t know how others will react. I get all sorts of worried about this. How do I dress? What’s flattering on me? How can I cover my tummy but not look stupid?

It’s kinda sad that this is going through my mind, but it is what it is. I’ll find something fabulous, no doubt.

Amazing Movies: Killer at Large

Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat reveals the disturbing effect of our cheap supply of calorie rich food and life style of most Americans. Obesity, however, is a very complicated issue. This movie also discusses the influence of stress on the body and other factors leading to the “obesity epidemic” in America.

The most frightening thing for me as I watched this was the story of Brooke Bates, who at 12 decided that liposuction was her only option to feel accepted by her peers. Her parents were enthused, by the way. The abusive way we treat our bodies, and teach our children to abuse their bodies makes my heart hurt. We let big corporations into our children’s head and tell them how much they need candy and fast food. It’s no wonder that childhood obesity is on the rise.

It really does hurt my heart – and I don’t say this as a thin woman, I’m not. I’ve got a little more to love and I’m not ashamed of it any more. I know I’m not perfect, and I’m working to become more healthy. But that’s no reason I can’t love my body here and now.

This movie also discusses what we should be eating and how to solve this problem. Will it be fast? No. Can it happen? Sure, if we’re willing to work for it. I wish I could grow my own food! I’m so jealous of everyone who has a back yard in which they can do what they wish. We rent, so I’m not allowed to fiddle with the yard… And I’d grow some mean potatoes, spinach, carrots, broccoli, lavender (yes, you can eat it!), and what ever else my heart desires. The food that we eat is devoid of the nutrients that should be there because we process it to death! Also, this movie points out that in America, processed foods are cheaper then healthy, natural, organic foods – seems weird, doesn’t it?

Man, I miss the farmer’s market!

Massive Animal Deaths

Updated timeline of mysterious animal deaths | The Vigilant Citizen.

I’m not really a “2012=end of world” person , but the massive animal deaths have me a little on edge. The most interesting thing is that in most cases the “causes” are either unknown or totally ridiculous (drunken birds?) and no one seems to be really actually questioning it.

Also, here a Google map that charts all the reported deaths….

Just makes me wonder what are animal brothers and sisters are trying to tell us – we’ve grown so far from them, we can even figure it out.

A Cop Out

Okay, so yesterday’s post was a bit of a cop out – but I have a good reason! I’ve been busy being sick, though I’m getting over it now.

I’ve been hanging out, drinking juice and watching Dexter on Netflix – that’s one way to handle getting sick. I have, however, missed a day in my year and a day. But seeing as I’ve been doped up on cold medicine, it doesn’t surprise me.

I’ll be back in fighting form soon, promise.