Dark Moon

Blessed Dark of the Moon! This is the time when I honor Hecate, goddess of the crossroads. I have a deep connection with this goddess and make a point to celebrate Her during the Dark of the Moon – which I mark as the day/night before the New Moon or the New Moon itself.

My plan this month is to leave a “Hecate Supper” out. This consists of a food left out, generally at a crossroads as an offering to Hecate. In anchient times, these meals actually became meals for the poor. Some months I leave food, like I will tonight, other I’ll donate to a food pantry or volunteer at the local shelter. Hecate cares for those at and on the crossroads, and as her daughter, so do I.

For your listening pleasure: Hecate by Wendy Rule from her album The Lotus Eaters

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