The Witch’s Pyramid

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the Witch’s Pyramid. To me, the Pyramid is another way of understanding the Elements and their realms. It also is a guide on how to live – it’s not a strict code, rather an optional guideline. I choose to incorporate the Pyramid into my day to day life, because it feels right – it’s also nice to have a “something” to use as a base. It’s a common criticism of Wicca and Witchcraft that there’s no set outline or guide as many other religions have for how to live or what to do on a day to day basis. I think that’s terribly untrue – there are many different outlines for a practitioner to choose from – and this is what makes it appear as though there were no outline at all. I think the ability to choose is very important.

Here’s my take on the Witch’s Pyramid, right out of my Book of Shadows; the format is like this: the corner – the Latin verb that corresponds to the corner (and a literal translation) followed by my personal interpretation.

A visual interpretation of the Witch's Pyramid

To Know – NOSCERE (lit. to become acquainted with, investigate)

This is the power of air, the power to know and to learn and to grow from the knowledge we gain. This is the witch’s obligation to strive to know the world – intellectually and otherwise. This isn’t striving to always be correct, but rather attempting to correct yourself.

To Dare – AUDERE (lit. to be daring, venture; to bring oneself to)

This is the power of water, the power to dare and venture forth boldly and let fear flow away from you. This is with witch’s obligation to be courageous and firm, but flexible. This is not ignoring fear or trepidation, but finding a way to transform emotions to give you strength.

To Will – VELLE (lit. to be willing; to wish, want; to will, ordain)

This is the power of fire, the power to will and wish and manifest that which is desired. This the the witch’s obligation to always be aware of the will and the power of desire. This is striving towards goals and not letting setbacks hold you down or erode your will

To Keep Silent – TACERE (lit. to be silent; to keep still, quiet)

This is the power of earth, the power to keep silent and still and listen to the universe. This is the witch’s obligation to understand when to keep silent, when to go within and listen rather then share and speak. This is striving to be comfortable in the silence and within the self.

To Go – IRE (lit. to go; to proceed)

This is the power of spirit, the power to go and transform and connect with the Divine. This is the witch’s obligation to seek the Divine in everything and to understand the elements as they present themselves. This is striving to be fully human and fully spiritual and finding the balance between these realms.

I’ll link you to the first in my video “miniseries”, which is a little more in depth.

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