Divination Spreads

I’m always on the look out for new and interesting divination spreads.  But today, I thought I’d share some basic, flexible spreads that can be used with just about any card like divination system.

The Three Card Spread: Perhaps the most basic spread that exists. This is simple three cards (or tiles) laid out in a row. The most common interpretation is past/present/future, but this isn’t the only way to use this super flexible spread.  Pretty much any trio could be used: thesis/antithesis/synthesis,  mind/body/spirit, feelings/thoughts/actions, and the list goes on. I like to use this spread when doing a short reading, or in order to get a ‘theme’ for a more in-depth reading when a client doesn’t have one.

The layout for the simple nine card spread

The Nine Care Spread: This is very similar to the three card, but can be much more in-depth from the get-go. The cards are laid out in a 3×3 square shape. They way I learned this spread was: the first row (1-3) represents the future aspect, the second row (4-6) represents the current aspect, and the last row (7-9) represents the past aspect of the situation. On top of that the left column (1,4,7) represents the unconscious attitude towards the situation; the middle column (2,5,8) shows the actions taken or the outside forces in the situation; the right column (3,6,9) represents the conscious attitude (or thoughts) toward the current situation.

There are just two super simple spread that can apply to just about any situation. Here’s a vid with a variation on the three card spread and another spread I didn’t have time to type up! Enjoy:

~Take care and Blessed be

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