Book of Shadows?

I’ve decided to add a new category to this blog: Book of Shadows. Posts in this category will include information either taken directly out of or based on entries in my personal Book of Shadows. Now, I know a lot of folks say you cannot/should not share your Book of Shadows or even let other people look at it. I only follow this to a degree – the information I’ve gathered and processed from outside sources is something I freely share; personal information or the like will remain with me. I think it’s important to share some of my knowledge, but I know it’s unfair to myself to share it all. In the spirit of sharing, I’ll leave you with on of my favorite poems:

THE WITCH ALONE – Scott Cunningham

Beyond the town, beneath the moon
Beside the standing stone
There lives a woman, fair of faith
We call the witch alone

She sings to sun and moon and stars
And gathers herbs and weeds
With which she fashions ancient charms
And other magic deeds

She worships not at altars built
By hands of mortal men
But in the misty glade
Beyond the farthest glen

What need has she of flashing swords
Of crystals glowing bright
Of censors and of colored cords
That grace the Wiccan rite?

Her tools are fashioned from the earth
And wind and fire and rain
Her rites are dances wild and free
That call the gods amain

When spring and summer pass to fall
And twilight fills her eyes
She’ll lie upon the browning grass
And smile as she dies

For though she leaves her mortal shell
Of flesh and blood and bone
She knows she does not die but lives
On, as the witch alone….

~Take care and Blessed be

One thought on “Book of Shadows?

  1. Hi there rose gypsie!, welcome to our wonderful li’l corner!, in the book of shadows!, sending rainbow bubbles with pixee stripes to your door!, may inspiring muse visit you often!, blessed be!…

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