Bells for Haiti

One year ago, a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Caribbean country of Haiti. It is estimated that between 230,000 to 250,000 people lost their lives that day in Haiti, and over a million were left homeless. Like many other energy workers, I spent a lot of time in the days following the destruction sending energy to those who needed. I also donated to charity and would have, if given the opportunity, gone over there myself to help.

So where is Haiti now? Only 2%-4% of the rubble has been cleared, efforts have ground to a halt due to indecision, and according to Amnesty International, girls and women in the displacement camps are being preyed on.

I have an altar bell like this that I will be ringing today

Bells for Haiti is an awareness campaign, being promoted through the American Refugee Committee. At 4:53 pm EST today, January 12, bells will be rung across America in remembrance and awareness. This is a chance to remember the lives lost and disrupted, and remember that these people are still in need!

Bells for Haiti flyer

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