Moontime Talk

This post is about menstruation – if you don’t like that, don’t read it

Growing up as I did – an American in the Midwest – I had the impression that menstruation (which I now refer to in general as Moontime) was gross, bad, and inconvenient. It was unspeakable and bordered on wrong, even if it was a totally natural process. So, in wanting to change that idea, I’ve decided to share my Moontime ritual. Yes, a ritual created to celebrate the cycle rather then make  it disgusting.

Moontime Ritual

For this, you will need one red candle (a votive is best), some incense that you are partial to – don’t worry about the properties just use your favorite. This is to be done for several days, starting the first day of your Moontime and ending the day after your flow has stopped. Before you start you will need a drink, preferably red, and some sort of bread like food. Again, it is more important that you enjoy these then what metaphysical properties they hold. Feel free to play some music or wear your favorite outfit – the idea is to to surrounded by things that make you feel comfortable, strong, and totally beautiful.

My favorite winter Moontime ritual setup: Dragon's Blood candle, Lotus incense, chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa


Light the incense and candle and meditate a moment on who you are: all the feminine qualities you possess and display; the masculine qualities that you also possess without giving up your femininity; how you love and care and create. When you are ready, say simply but with conviction:

I am a woman of the Earth
A daughter of the Lord and Lady
A daughter of the physical and spiritual
And I am blessed

Hold the cup before you, and continue:

For I am the waters of life
For mine is the blood that flows

Take a sip and hold the bread before you and continue:

For I am the one who nourishes
For mine is the power to sustain

Continue to contemplate while you finish the food and drink. Repeat this once a day until the day after your moon time. This helps us to stay connected to our body – teaching us how to listen.

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