The Green Man

Herne, horned one, leaper in the corn
Deep in the Mother, die and be reborn

I recently received this Green Man pendant - I wear it all the time now

In my ongoing endeavorers to connect to the male aspects of Divinity, I’ve become very attached to the idea of the Green Man. To me, he is the spirit of wildness, rebirth, and rediscovery of the self.  He is the forests and the vines; the provider and the very thing provided; the heart of Nature. I connect him very closely with the Horned God figure and understand them as two sides of the same coin, and often use the names interchangeably.

Both the Horned God and and Green Man are powerful symbols of sacrifice and rebirth. They are symbolic of the very food that we eat and which nourishes us. The Green Man speaks to our wildness – something our culture has managed to suppress in most people. We are not encouraged to seek our wildness; we are told it is evil, harmful, and savage. The Green Man actually offers our society a softer version of masculinity. The Green Man does not seek to dominate or control – he is free to be himself while allowing others to do the same.

I’m sure as time goes on, I’ll write more about my particular views on sex and gender later – but now isn’t the time. I just wanted to share a little of my understanding of the Green Man.

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