Winter Pick-me-ups

Winter can be a pretty terrible time – it’s cold, wet, and you end up getting a cold at some point. I have some remedies for that winter cold – or at least some delicious things that will have you feeling a little better.

One of my favorite bagged teas

Generally, I use a teaspoon to measure out my ingredients – but that’s up to you really depending on your taste.

Red Tea

1 part Hibiscus
1 part Rose (petals or buds)
1/2 part Lavender

Use dried versions of the herbs listed in a strainer, tea ball, or cheesecloth tea bag and steep for about 3 minutes. This makes a beautiful burgundy colored tea with a warm floral sent. Sweeten with honey or sugar, and add a little lemon juice to brighten it up if you like. It’s a wonderful drink to snuggle up with when it’s cold out and is also great to drink during your moontime as these flowers give off a calming fragrance and each have useful health benefits.

Sore Throat Soother

1 part ground/powered Slippery Elm
1 part honey (local is best)

Add these two to the bottom of your mug; poor hot water over and stir to dissolve the honey and to disperse the slippery elm. ย No matter how finely ground your slippery elm is, it’s going to be a little gritty/grainy but it’s okay. Slippery elm sooths inflammation and mucus membranes – helping to calm a cough and heal a sore throat. Honey also has soothing properties – and local honey can actually prep your immune system for specific strains of bacteria in your area.

Spiced Milk

6-8 ounces of milk (or if you prefer, almond or soy milk can be used)
3-5 cloves
1 small cinnamon stick
1 inch of fresh ginger, sliced into disks

Combine everything in a small saucepan and heat gently just until it begins to steam. Pour into a cup though a strainer to separate the herbs (the cloves and cinnamon can be used one more time if you let them dry completely; the ginger, however, is done) and enjoy! If you’d like, add a little honey. This is a great drink to really warm you up in the winter – clove, cinnamon, and ginger contain chemicals that stimulate your body to heat up just a little bit.

Hope you enjoy, and stay warm!

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