Amazing Movies: Killer at Large

Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat reveals the disturbing effect of our cheap supply of calorie rich food and life style of most Americans. Obesity, however, is a very complicated issue. This movie also discusses the influence of stress on the body and other factors leading to the “obesity epidemic” in America.

The most frightening thing for me as I watched this was the story of Brooke Bates, who at 12 decided that liposuction was her only option to feel accepted by her peers. Her parents were enthused, by the way. The abusive way we treat our bodies, and teach our children to abuse their bodies makes my heart hurt. We let big corporations into our children’s head and tell them how much they need candy and fast food. It’s no wonder that childhood obesity is on the rise.

It really does hurt my heart – and I don’t say this as a thin woman, I’m not. I’ve got a little more to love and I’m not ashamed of it any more. I know I’m not perfect, and I’m working to become more healthy. But that’s no reason I can’t love my body here and now.

This movie also discusses what we should be eating and how to solve this problem. Will it be fast? No. Can it happen? Sure, if we’re willing to work for it. I wish I could grow my own food! I’m so jealous of everyone who has a back yard in which they can do what they wish. We rent, so I’m not allowed to fiddle with the yard… And I’d grow some mean potatoes, spinach, carrots, broccoli, lavender (yes, you can eat it!), and what ever else my heart desires. The food that we eat is devoid of the nutrients that should be there because we process it to death! Also, this movie points out that in America, processed foods are cheaper then healthy, natural, organic foods – seems weird, doesn’t it?

Man, I miss the farmer’s market!

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