What the Heck’s a Hafla?

I’ve been taking belly dancing classes for a few months on-and-off and this month all of a sudden we got our shit together! On February 12th we’re throwing a Hafla.

But what is a Hafla, you ask? I was wondering that too, so I went looking.

Basically, a Hafla is a party – generally involving Middle Eastern music. It can range from a private affair, where dancers dance for each other, or a big public event with vendors and scheduled performances and all sorts of stuff. Our plan is kinda of a Middle Eastern themed pot-luck, with a some scheduled dances followed by a free-dance time where the audience is welcome to join us dancers.

This is exciting…
This is terrifying!

People are going to be there to watch me dance, and I don’t know if I’m ready for that (or if they’re ready for that). I haven’t danced for an audience since preschool tap-dance class. The thing that’s getting me caught up – the thing that always gets me – is my body. Not that I don’t feel comfortable dancing in my body, but rather I don’t know how others will react. I get all sorts of worried about this. How do I dress? What’s flattering on me? How can I cover my tummy but not look stupid?

It’s kinda sad that this is going through my mind, but it is what it is. I’ll find something fabulous, no doubt.

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