Rune Workshop!

So, today was the big day – my Rune workshop at my local New Age store! Everything went well, aside from the fact that my cold has left me with next to no voice. So we skipped the guided meditation, but instead talked and did a little interpreting.

As we painted each symbol, we discussed the meaning and a various interpretations. I think it made for a very powerful set of Runes. I can’t wait to really use them. It was pretty simple, I got some glass marbles (the flat-ish ones you use for decorating) and paint pens – it’s a very user friendly way to make a beginning set. ย I’ll have a picture soon.

I have to say I was nervous – mostly because I knew a few folks in the class were somewhat familiar with the Runes (we even had a Heathen with us today) and I was worried I’d be covering things they already knew. I think everyone came out the class having learned something new, even me.

All in all – a good time. I can’t wait to do it again!

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