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Reiki Ideas

I would guess that 75% of the Reiki I give isn’t actually in the form of a Reiki healing. Instead, I do a lot of other things, like:

  • Give Reiki to my rocks – not to empower them, but to simply connect with them.
  • Give Reiki to my car, to show some love!
  • Give Reiki to my work. Yes, to the Store itself, to help it grow!
  • Give Reiki to mail and packages I send out, to help them get to where they’re going.
  • Give Reiki to my laptop, to keep it working and happy.

I’d like to start doing more traditional healing, as that was the reason I felt called to Reiki. I’ll get there.



Simple and Glorious
Strong and Sensual
Natural and Wild

Rolls, Curves,  Scars
Angles, Shadows

Am I still beautiful?
Or is this body
I’ve been given
As it is?

Should I find beauty
In the eyes?
In the face?
In the spirit?
In the soul?

The separation is unnecessary

The tangible and intangible
Meld into eternity
Seen in the eyes
Seen in the soul
It simply is


Runes 101, Anyone?

I’ve decided to start a little Rune study – it’s never a bad idea to go over the basics. I doubt this will be 24 consecutive days, as I’m in the middle of the semester at school and therefore, am crazy busy. So I wanted to start with the Runes as a whole.

To me, the Runes are a system – a system of magic, of divination, of letters. I like systems, they flow and work together, they speak and sing and shout their story if you’re there to listen. “Rune” itself derives from Old Norse and Old German words meaning “secret” and “whisper” and that helps understand how the Runes communicate with me.  They whisper their secrets to me as I cast them, as I read them, as I write them.

It’s somewhat difficult to put into words my connection with the Runes. I can’t help but feel that long ago my ancestors worked with the Runes: read them, spoke them, lived them. Or perhaps in a past life this soul was that of vitki (wise one) or volva (shamanic seeress).

My Very Own Etsy

My Etsy shop is now up and ready to go!

Aside from the lip balms (which are out in my local metaphysical shop as well) I’m also working on facial scrubs, moisturizers, lotions, and body butters.   I’m always looking for new things to make and try!

At the moment, I have some lip balms up, along with two super fun facial scrubs: a coffee-spice scrub and a floral sugar scrub. I’ve tested them both and I love ’em.

AstralRose Creations

I’ve been experimenting with homemade lip balms for a little while, and now I’ve taken the first big step towards really making something of this: I’ve put about 50 of my lip balms on consignment at my local new age shop (because they love hand-made things).

I was even working when the first one sold!

This is so fulfilling, but it’s something I’ve never considered really making anything of – but I’m starting to think that perhaps I can. I adore natural “beauty products” that are good for me and good for the earth. When I say “beauty products” I really mean products that make me feel beautiful not products that make me beautiful – because I already am. The same holds true of everyone else who uses my products. The point is to nourish yourself, love yourself, and realize that you are beautiful and amazing as is.

My Mom is Awesome

Yesterday was just icky.

My mother and I were heading out to the casino about an hour away. The ride there wasn’t terrible, just a little rainy – but that rain turned into freezing rain. We were coming up to a stop sign and we spun out – a full 360 and right into the ditch. Lucky for us, someone stopped about a minute later for us – and someone else after that.

This is where the car finally came to rest. Hard to see, but that snow is knee high.

I am so thankful my mother was driving! And so thankful we have so many spirits and guides looking after us! The ride back was pretty disgusting with blowing snow – we went 40 mph (instead of 60) most of the way back. The important thing is that we are okay, my car is okay, and we made it home just fine (if not a little sore).

Cool Rocks

So, I don’t think I’ve talked about this yet, but I’ve gotten a few new stones!

First is my Nebula Stone:

It’s beautiful and has such a strong and beautiful energy to it. It is an ideal healing stone by promoting connection with Divine energy. This is an unpolished palm stone – exactly as it was found in the earth.

Next is this baby, an Oklahoma Rose Rock:

This is a totally natural formation! It is a Barite and sand combo, with lots of iron oxide – making it reddish.

They are both on my altar, just being beautiful