I’ve been wanting a tattoo since I knew they existed, and I have plenty of ideas just waiting for the right time. A dear friend of mine (who happens to be a wonderful artist) has finished the design for my (first) Runic tattoo. She’s mailing it to me, and my mother has agreed to pay for it as a late Christmas gift.

This tattoo will incorporate two Runes that are very important to me: Tiwaz and Berkana.


Tiwaz is a rune that has always captivated me, and held a lot of power for me. To me, not only is Tiwaz a rune of justice and righteousness, but of willing self-sacrifice, humility, and courage.  Here’s a passage from my Rune Journey journal:

“Honor, issues of justice, courage, strength of will, sign of a spiritual warrior (“a call to arms”), leadership, willing self-sacrifice, success in legal matters, rationality, creating balance, male strengths and graces, righteousness, integrity, ability to insight courage and faith in others, following a cause with calm clarity, matters of sound judgment. Meditation: Responsibility to keep ones word, pride with humility (knowing when to be proud and when to be humble), allowing ones actions/deeds speak for themselves.”


Berkana’s influence is rather new in my life, but nevertheless powerful. Berkana speaks to my nurturing nature – my want to help, comfort, and care for people. It is a fine balance, energetically speaking, to Tiwaz. Again, here’s a bit from my journal:

“Mental/physical/personal growth, birth, renewal, new beginings, desire, a level of maturity, a signal to take sanctuary, cycle of life/death./rebirth, the powers of healing, trust and dependence, feminine strengths and graces, interrelationships and connection. Meditation: The ability to accept being dependent on other but also the ability to be the one who is depended on, mothering and nurturing.”

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