Today would have been my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary.

Today is also the 5th anniversary of their divorce.

Thusly, I’ve dubbed this their “un-anniversary” and dedicate this day to my mother – my strong mother; my independent mother; my ain’t-gonna-take-shit-from-no-one mother.

My father was emotionally and mentally abusive – not so much to my sister and I, but to my mother. The long and messy divorce helped her become her own woman. So today, I got her some gifts to commemorate this amazing act of courage. I got her a card (made by a local artist), some amethyst earrings (with butterflies!), a little Goddess pendant, and a dragon’s blood candle.

Butterflies are special to my mother and I – I’m not really sure why, but they are. A while back she gave me a butterfly pendant made of tiger’s eye, and I wear it almost everyday.

Butterflies are symbols of change – of radical, fundamental, and complete metamorphosis. To me, they are also symbols of strength, of endurance, of the will to live.

Ted Andrews writes: “Butterflies appeart to dance as the light upon flowers…. They remind us that life is a dance, and dance, though powerful, is also a great pleasure…. Butterfly medicine reminds us to make changes when the opportunities present themselves. Transformation is inevitable…”

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