Bindrune Basics

So, I’ve been working on some Runic and Bindrune Charms recently.  Seems like the perfect time to talk about making bindrunes – something I’ve been diving head first into. I love them!

First things first – What exactly is a bindrune?
Well, the answer is, technically speaking, very simple. A bindrune is a symbol that combines two or more runes into one symbol. It might be for magically purposes or for identification (like a maker’s mark – made from the makers initials in runes).

How do you make a bindrune?
Personally, I make my bindrunes in steps: Intent, Selection, Creation, Finalization. I’ll lead you through the process using one that I’ve created – a bindrune for enhancing intuition.

Step 1: Intent – When I sat down to create this bindrune, I wanted something to help people get in touch with their intuition – their ability to dig into the depths and know the unknown. For this, Laguz and Perthro jumped to mind.


Step 2: Selection – Laguz is the rune of the subconscious and helps us to take the plunge and go with the flow – and in a culture that tells us trusting our intuition is ‘silly’ or ‘bad’ this is a necessary first step. Perthro, on the other hand, is the rune of the unknown and serves as a direct connection to the limitless potential of the Wyrd.
Now is the time to look at the other Runes and see if there is another that belongs in this bindrune. I decided that there wasn’t, so Laguz and Perthro it is.

Step 3: Creation – Now, I spend anywhere from 10-30 minutes (depending on complexity) drawing out different combinations until I find the one that seems right. You really have to listen to your intuition during this process. I make as many combinations as I can – keeping an eye out for hiding runes that end up being created (sometimes this works in your favor). I settled on the design below – even though it does have a hiding rune (can you find it?).

The final form of my bindrune for enhancing intuition - carved deeply into a tumbled piece of Snow Quartz and painted with silver.

Step 4: Finalization – This is where you give the bindrune it’s purpose. In this example, I decided to carve the bindrune into a stone to create a pocket charm. Whether you are tracing the bindrune on your body, a piece of paper, or into a candle the process is much the same. Trace/draw the rune, then speak it’s intent – I like to use affirmation style, but simply saying “Enhancing Intuition” does the trick.

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