Feeling the Call

The Call

I refer to it as “the call” – the slight feeling of urgency that I have about becoming more involved in the realms of Shamanism.  Not anxious, nervous, or rushing; just a sense of urgency, importance, and necessity. The old ways call to me, they send out whispers into my reality – in books, music, and conversation. I’ve always felt this call, but for a long time I didn’t know what exactly I was being called to; after my first encounter with Core Shamanism, however, I finally had my answer to the question sitting in the very back of my mind.

Lately, I’ve felt the call even stronger – it seems that I can’t wait for circumstances to be “perfect” to answer the call.

One thought on “Feeling the Call

  1. A shaman is more then a mystic he/she goes out of this world (altered states of mind) and when he/she returns it is with a piece of this other worldly gnoses. While it is true a shaman works with individuals his/her powers are for the larger community as a whole. He/she lives outside of the mundane world of the everyday and is often as feared as she/he is revered. The things that the shaman dose are often repulsive to the general community, because it is the shaman who breaks taboo and walks in the way of death and madness. The shaman embraces the dark side of his or her own psyche this is who he/she is then able to understand it in others. She/he sees through the mist of man made morality and social convention.
    The criminal, the depraved, the moray reprehensible, the perverted, the sick are all just shadows in the body of her/his fold.

    The path of the shaman is beyond any pretense it is above the high priest/priestess it reaches past the hierophant and points to the hermit.

    I wish you well in your calling.

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