Journeying to the Runes – Part 3: Berkana and Tiewaz

Tiewaz and Berkana are the first two runes of the third aett. I have always experienced these two runes as having a deep connection. In fact, on this particular journey I was first brought to Berkana who led me to Tiewaz; stating that I should experience them together. Even now I’m not exactly sure how these two are connected, at least it’s difficult to put into words. To me, they are perfect compliments – not opposites. Exploring this connection will be the focus for another journey.

My tattoo of Tiewaz and Berkana

I am Berkana, and you know me well,
The strength and grace of your foremothers;
The growth and renewal of spring time.
Come to me and be nourished and filled,
To learn the truth of interdependence,
For nothing can truly survive alone

I am Tiewaz, the spiritual warrior.
I am more then simple honor-I am more then
Having a code of ethics. I am having one
And sticking to it. I am the laws and orders

Of the Universe present in humanity.

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