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It’s Not News!

So, perhaps you haven’t heard that the rotation of the earth has caused the zodiac to be all out of whack. There’s a new sign and everything!

Ophiuchus is the "new" sign in the zodiac

How is this news?

First off – Western astrology doesn’t actually use the constellations – the signs just happen to have the same names as some constellations.

Not to sound all uppity, but I’ve know about this for years – why hasn’t everyone else figured it out? Better yet, why is everyone freaking out about it? No divination system is “perfect” and astrology doesn’t have some special status in this regard. It also isn’t transparent or necessarily easy to understand. The universe is ever-changing, expanding, destroying, and creating – so this shouldn’t really surprise us. And according to this article from NBC, this earth-shifting-constellation-thing has been known about since 500 BC – yes, BC.

I just don’t get it, but I never was really big on astrology.

Also, Angelo Nasios beat me to this – with a better explanation – at his blog, Thats Totally Tarot.