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Back, I think…

I know I’ve been out a while, but here I am. Where to begin?

Let’s talk about tattoos. I received mine two weeks ago (finally).

My new ink

This tattoo consists of the runes Tiwaz and Berkana. Tiwaz is the rune of Tyr, god of heroes and self-sacrifice. It’s the rune of the warrior spirit: honor, courage, righteousness, integrity, and tempering pride with humility. Berkana is the rune of the birch tree and represents growth and renewal. Birch trees were one of the first to grow after the ice age, so Berkana also represents the ability to survive hard times and thrive after.

I’ve always had a deep connection to these two runes and now I literally carry them with me every day.

The process wasn’t too painful, just a few spots near the top. I spent the two hours contemplating and connecting. This was my ordeal, as Odin’s was hanging from the World Tree (more on this later).

This is the first, but certainly not the last tattoo that will grace this skin. There are many more already planned, and we’ll talk about them when they come.





Simple and Glorious
Strong and Sensual
Natural and Wild

Rolls, Curves,  Scars
Angles, Shadows

Am I still beautiful?
Or is this body
I’ve been given
As it is?

Should I find beauty
In the eyes?
In the face?
In the spirit?
In the soul?

The separation is unnecessary

The tangible and intangible
Meld into eternity
Seen in the eyes
Seen in the soul
It simply is


My Very Own Etsy

My Etsy shop is now up and ready to go!

Aside from the lip balms (which are out in my local metaphysical shop as well) I’m also working on facial scrubs, moisturizers, lotions, and body butters.   I’m always looking for new things to make and try!

At the moment, I have some lip balms up, along with two super fun facial scrubs: a coffee-spice scrub and a floral sugar scrub. I’ve tested them both and I love ’em.

AstralRose Creations

I’ve been experimenting with homemade lip balms for a little while, and now I’ve taken the first big step towards really making something of this: I’ve put about 50 of my lip balms on consignment at my local new age shop (because they love hand-made things).

I was even working when the first one sold!

This is so fulfilling, but it’s something I’ve never considered really making anything of – but I’m starting to think that perhaps I can. I adore natural “beauty products” that are good for me and good for the earth. When I say “beauty products” I really mean products that make me feel beautiful not products that make me beautiful – because I already am. The same holds true of everyone else who uses my products. The point is to nourish yourself, love yourself, and realize that you are beautiful and amazing as is.

The Big Night

I just got back from the Hafla – it was so much fun! I was so nervous, I thought I was going to faint (or cry) but I didn’t and I was told that I was “amazing to watch”.

Well hot damn! If that doesn’t boost the self esteem.

At the next Hafla I’ll be doing a solo and I’m already thinking about what music, what costume – Awesome.

Sadly, I forgot my camera so no pictures 😦 Next time for sure.


I’ve been wanting a tattoo since I knew they existed, and I have plenty of ideas just waiting for the right time. A dear friend of mine (who happens to be a wonderful artist) has finished the design for my (first) Runic tattoo. She’s mailing it to me, and my mother has agreed to pay for it as a late Christmas gift.

This tattoo will incorporate two Runes that are very important to me: Tiwaz and Berkana.


Tiwaz is a rune that has always captivated me, and held a lot of power for me. To me, not only is Tiwaz a rune of justice and righteousness, but of willing self-sacrifice, humility, and courage.  Here’s a passage from my Rune Journey journal:

“Honor, issues of justice, courage, strength of will, sign of a spiritual warrior (“a call to arms”), leadership, willing self-sacrifice, success in legal matters, rationality, creating balance, male strengths and graces, righteousness, integrity, ability to insight courage and faith in others, following a cause with calm clarity, matters of sound judgment. Meditation: Responsibility to keep ones word, pride with humility (knowing when to be proud and when to be humble), allowing ones actions/deeds speak for themselves.”


Berkana’s influence is rather new in my life, but nevertheless powerful. Berkana speaks to my nurturing nature – my want to help, comfort, and care for people. It is a fine balance, energetically speaking, to Tiwaz. Again, here’s a bit from my journal:

“Mental/physical/personal growth, birth, renewal, new beginings, desire, a level of maturity, a signal to take sanctuary, cycle of life/death./rebirth, the powers of healing, trust and dependence, feminine strengths and graces, interrelationships and connection. Meditation: The ability to accept being dependent on other but also the ability to be the one who is depended on, mothering and nurturing.”

What the Heck’s a Hafla?

I’ve been taking belly dancing classes for a few months on-and-off and this month all of a sudden we got our shit together! On February 12th we’re throwing a Hafla.

But what is a Hafla, you ask? I was wondering that too, so I went looking.

Basically, a Hafla is a party – generally involving Middle Eastern music. It can range from a private affair, where dancers dance for each other, or a big public event with vendors and scheduled performances and all sorts of stuff. Our plan is kinda of a Middle Eastern themed pot-luck, with a some scheduled dances followed by a free-dance time where the audience is welcome to join us dancers.

This is exciting…
This is terrifying!

People are going to be there to watch me dance, and I don’t know if I’m ready for that (or if they’re ready for that). I haven’t danced for an audience since preschool tap-dance class. The thing that’s getting me caught up – the thing that always gets me – is my body. Not that I don’t feel comfortable dancing in my body, but rather I don’t know how others will react. I get all sorts of worried about this. How do I dress? What’s flattering on me? How can I cover my tummy but not look stupid?

It’s kinda sad that this is going through my mind, but it is what it is. I’ll find something fabulous, no doubt.