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More on Perfect Trust

I’ve talked about “perfect trust” before on this blog, but I’d forgotten that I had made a video a while before that on the topic of trust.

In this video I also talk a little bit about how “perfect love” is important to understanding “perfect trust” which I still think is true. Something I didn’t mention in the last post but did in the video is the issue of being trustworthy and to me that mean not lying or being dishonest to others in my life. This is another way in which I try to live in perfect trust, I trust myself to be honest and I trust others to be honest with me in turn.

Questioning “Perfect Trust”

“In perfect love and perfect trust” is written in the Rede, but what is perfect trust exactly? Is it unquestioning, unwavering, or undeniable? It is toward humanity, Spirit, or self?

I believe being in “perfect trust” is all about always trusting Spirit to do what is right or best. We cannot know all the ways of the universe – and If we can, we certainly do not right now. I live in perfect trust by always trusting the universe to do what must be done, even if I don’t know the reasoning behind it.

Is this trust “unquestioning”? To an extent yes, but not inherently. I often question why things happen the way they do, or why I should trust the universe at all. I always come to the same conclusion – the universe always comes through for me when I need it, not necessarily when I want it. And that’s okay, because the universe doesn’t actually revolve around me.

I trust the universe always – this is one way I live in perfect trust. I always try to extend that trust to the rest of humanity. It isn’t easy in this world, but I try. I don’t distrust people based on inconsequential things (race, gender, religion, orientation, and the like). I distrust people who prove to be untrustworthy. If people are acting “shady” I don’t ignore it nor do I judge them solely on that. I just keep it in mind.