I started vloging in June of 2010. My original intention was to track my journey as I created my tarot deck (which has been put on hold) but I soon started talking about all sorts of spiritual topics and continue to do so. As I continue to learn, I’ll continue to share. What I really enjoy about Youtube is that it gives a free forum for instant feedback and discussion with a visual component. You can find me here if you’d like.

I also suggest::

For Pagan/Wiccan stuff:
The Pagan Perspective Collaboration
Flora @ CharmingPixieFlora

For a more diverse look at spirituality:
The Circle of Learning Collaboration
Evan @ Mirkwood90
Lucretius @ Lucretius40‬‎

For info on divination:
All Things Futhark Collaboration (Runes)
Eric @ Lurch579‬‎ (Runes)
Angelo @ AngeloNasios (Tarot)

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