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Journeying to the Runes – Part 5: Laguz

Life has been so hectic as of late! It seems only appropriate that the next Rune in my journeys is Laguz – the water. Perhaps even better that today I return to update my journey: last night, I danced with my sisters in the rain (at an open house demo at the local YMCA) and remembered what a beautiful experience rain dancing can be.

Stay here a moment – let me soothe and cleanse you
For I am the water that washes away all.
I am the unknown that can be known.

To me, Laguz has so many layers, so much to teach us – the depth of an ocean in a simple symbol – but I’ve found through this journey that sometimes the meaning we need to remember and keep in our hearts is the power of simplicity. As we get closer to winter, it really is time to be still, to listen – to go with the flow.