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My “Power Quote”

I tend to take notice of thing that pop up in my life three or more times. A friend of mine calls it synchronicity, which it is. I think of it as messages. Something important, something I need to know or be aware of or confront. As of late I’ve been seeing one particular quote over and over and over. When I mentioned it on Facebook, a friend called it my “power quote” and I have to say I love that phrase. I think we all have power things: power quotes, power colors, power words, power symbols, and so on. They give us strength and hope; provide something we are lacking.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my power quote – specifically about getting it tattooed on my arm so I can see it every day. Most likely it will be simple, but of course, beautiful.

“We do no great things, only small things with great love”

The Ordeal of Odin

It is said that Odin hung for Yggdrasil (the World Tree) for nine days and nights in his quest for the Runes. As a Rune reader, I choose to acknowledge this period between Auguest 17th and the 25th, as it is held my many Heathen traditions. I make this period in a variety of ways;  a daily ritual, reading of the Edda’s, and a fast (if possible). In intresting way to observe one day is in silence (or as much silence as possible). This is an opportune time to create a new set of Runes. For today, I’d like to share the tale of Odin’s ordeal:

The Web of Wyrd

I trow I hung on that windy Tree
nine whole days and nights,
stabbed with a spear, offered to Odin,
myself to mine own self given,
high on that Tree of which none hath heard
from what roots it rises to heaven.

None refreshed me ever with food or drink,
I peered right down in the deep;
crying aloud I lifted the Runes
then back I fell from thence.

Ere long I bare fruit, and throve full well,
I grew and waxed in wisdom;
word following word, I found me words,
deed following deed, I wrought deeds.

Hidden Runes shalt thou seek and interpreted signs,
many symbols of might and power,
by the great Singer painted, by the high Powers fashioned,
graved by the Utterer of gods.

Dost know how to write, dost know how to read,
dost know how to paint, dost know how to prove,
dost know how to ask, dost know how to offer,
dost know how to send, dost know how to spend?

Thus Odin graved ere the world began;
Then he rose from the deep, and came again.

Translated by Olive Bray
Edited by D. L. Ashliman

Bells for Haiti

One year ago, a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Caribbean country of Haiti. It is estimated that between 230,000 to 250,000 people lost their lives that day in Haiti, and over a million were left homeless. Like many other energy workers, I spent a lot of time in the days following the destruction sending energy to those who needed. I also donated to charity and would have, if given the opportunity, gone over there myself to help.

So where is Haiti now? Only 2%-4% of the rubble has been cleared, efforts have ground to a halt due to indecision, and according to Amnesty International, girls and women in the displacement camps are being preyed on.

I have an altar bell like this that I will be ringing today

Bells for Haiti is an awareness campaign, being promoted through the American Refugee Committee. At 4:53 pm EST today, January 12, bells will be rung across America in remembrance and awareness. This is a chance to remember the lives lost and disrupted, and remember that these people are still in need!

Bells for Haiti flyer


I’ve never really got into meditation. I use guided meditations sometimes before/during ritual, but never really on a daily basis. In doing this year and a day program, I’ve come to the section of days dealing with meditation and meditation techniques. I think this is good for me. I’ve always wanted to do more with meditation, but haven’t ever sat down to find and explore different methods that would work for me. Roderick’s book, however, is prompting me to do just that.

In the past, the only meditation I’ve really done (aside from the guided meditations mentioned earlier) have been using mantras and breathing exercises. Mantras are words or phrases said over and over again to instill a certain frame of mind or create a certain effect within the body/mind/spirit.  I rather like using mantras because it’s like singing. Here’s one of my favorites, Om Mani Padme Hum:

I’m also looking into drumming meditation. Drumming at about 220-240 beats per minute actually brings about theta brain waves – this is a seriously relaxed state, just before delta (sleep). This is the drum beat used in shamanic journeying as well. I’ve never used it outside of that setting, but I’m looking into it.

~Take care and Blessed be

Sing a Song

To me, music is very important in both my spirituality and religion. I sing in ritual, out of ritual, before and after ritual, and a few times in place of ritual. Music stimulates the energy flow and can facilitate healing (ever heard of music therapy?) and just feels good! I just wanted to share a few of my favorite chants – all are pagan themed today.

Mother I can feel you under my feet,
Mother I can hear your heartbeat,
Mother I can see you when the eagle flies,
Mother won’t you take me higher…
(Sometimes I decided to say “feel your heartbeat” but that’s okay)

We are the flow, we are the ebb
We are the weavers, we are the web

We are the weavers, we are the web
We are the spiders, we are the thread

We are the spiders, we are the thread
We are the flow and, we are the ebb…

She changes everything she touches,
And everything she touches changes,
(Repeat as desired)

Changes, touches, touch us, change us (repeat as desired)

We are changers, and everything we touch can change (Repeat as desired)

~Take care and Blessed be

From You I Receive…

From you I receive and to you I give,
Together we share and from this we live.

For those of you in the US, the final Friday in November (today) is a national day of thanksgiving. Some interpret it in a religious sense, but growing up my family didn’t. I do, however, make that connection now. The way I see it – there are countless things to be thankful for in my life, including my family, friends, and community. Before I start cooking with my mother, I’d like to leave you with a few prayers I’ve come across.

: Prayers for thanks before meals :

Corn and grain, meat and milk,
upon this table before me.
Gifts of life, bringing sustenance and strength,
I am grateful for all I have.

Thanks to the Lord for the food we eat,
Thanks to the Lady for her gifts so sweet,
Thanks to the farmers who labored long,
Thanks to the animals for their bodies strong,
Thanks to the hands that prepared our meal,
Thanks to all who turn the wheel.

~Take care and Blessed be